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Are you dealing with a breaker that constantly shorts out? G&C Electrical Services LLC, a local minority-owned business, is here to solve your electrical problems in Auburn, WA. Our local electrician draws on over 12 years of experience to inform his work. Over the years, he's developed the skills to troubleshoot electrical problems quickly and efficiently and complete necessary repairs and upgrades in a snap.

Schedule your electrical services by calling 253-861-9187 now. We'll have your home in perfect shape in no time.

Managing your electrical upgrades

Are you searching for a trusted electrician to improve your property? Electrical work is our forte. Our electrical contractor takes care of:

Whether you need a way to charge your vehicle at home or a new, safer electrical panel, we're glad to be of service. Contact us now for a free estimate on your job. We also offer seasonal discounts and referral discounts.

Why should you choose us?

Electrical work may be complicated, but choosing our local electrician is easy. When you work with us, you're:

  • Hiring a local small business that will treat you with respect
  • Taking advantage of the better rates that we offer
  • Reaping the benefits of our low overhead costs

Additionally, we take customer service seriously and always strive to communicate with homeowners effectively. If you for our electrical contractor, please ask us today.